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    The modern all-round hotel management system in the cloud that just work

    If you are Hotel Manager, Tour Operator or Destination Management Company wanting to increase sales,

    achieve better margins, and source product more efficiently you are in the right place.

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    One solution for every
    issue or just a task
    you have to do.
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    Available on any
    even on the

    No local servers.
    No installations.
    No expensive IT.

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    Meet the next generation hotel management

    Intuitive on top, professionally comprehensive and versatile underneath.

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    Self check-in & check-out.

    The modern way to jump the queue.

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    Smarter channel management
    straight from your PMS.

    Reduces inventory with every booking,
    increases it with each cancellation
    without you moving a finger.

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    Track your occupancy.

    Through our marketing tools, you can manage your occupancy.

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    Schedule the sending of stylish

    automated pre-arrival, post-departure,
    and booking confirmation emails.

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    Guest self service portal.

    Let your guests connect with your
    services from the convenience
    of their own devices.

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    Sell proactively from your website:

    rooms,extra services,
    gift vouchers, restaurant tables.

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    Promotions and special offers.

    Let your guests book special
    offers, rates or room types
    with a click on a website
    or email banner.

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    Mobile housekeeping.

    Live housekeeping
    status and task updates.

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    Designed for hotels.
    Professional restaurant POS.

    With best possible charge transfer capabilities.

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    Why MY-DOX?
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      Sign up

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      Set up details

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      Add products/services

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      Create accounts

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      Invite accountants

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      Take vacation and enjoy

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    Anywhere and
    anytime with you!

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    Your friend
    in hotel managing.

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    Track the efficiency
    of your business.

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    Who uses the Software ?

What is Hotel Manager?

What is Hotel Manager ?

Hotel Manager is designed to simplify the things that matter to you – sourcing and packaging product efficiently, providing fast & accurate quotations, protecting margins, increasing sales, providing web and XML distribution channels, and delivering financial and strategic intelligence. It is a tour operator software technology platform designed for Hotel Managers, Tour Operators and Destination Management companies from small right through large enterprise organisations.

A key feature of Tourplan’s Edition structure is the ability to adapt over time. Enhancements and new components become available within each edition as a natural part of the product innovation cycle. We avoid frustrating “Add-on” and “Extra” costs as new products emerge. You enjoy a seamless transition to future products and technologies without licensing and cost barriers.


A key to Hotel Manager’s flexibility is in the product database which can handle almost any travel service or package. Product types supported include multi-currency buy and sell rates, complex contractual conditions including specials and value-add deals such as stay/pay and minimum night specials. Inventory and unlimited text and graphical content can be managed at supplier and product levels.


  • Secure Agent Website
  • Online Bookings
  • Online Tariff
  • Online Accounts
  • Availability-Led Search
  • Media Library
  • Brochure Style Product Information
A widely used and de-facto standard XML interface for product search and online bookings rounds off a complete solution to all your distribution requirements.


  • Rates & Inventory updating, ideal for specials and last minute stock
  • Suppliers’ forward bookings review
  • On request booking list and online confirmation


Choose the best plan for your needs.

Your needs are specific and we give you choice from pre-defied plans.