Satisfy all the needs and requires to your clients fast and easy. Each clients is individual person who has it's own and unique requires during his stay, like dishes, special offers and etc. which the hotel provides. With MY-DOX you can really easy prepare the special requires as easy as not that special ones. You can check some specific needs to some guest and etc. With MY-DOX even the most rigorous guest will leave the hotel happy and satisfied.


No metter if you manage vacation station, just a hur or huge hotel with many clients, nobody is insured by the big queue of people in front of the reception. We also know that this is not good for any business, because of the anger increment. With MY-DOX everything is easier and faster and you can organize everything in no time. Reorganizing rooms and special requirements now looks like childs game.

Additional services

Additionala services such as room service, massage and also if the hotel has SPA, fittness and all additional services which you offer, can be ordered by your guests. This information can be included to your guests profiles or just to specific reservation if the requirements are included in the contract.

And also plenty of settings, which make your work a lot easier.

In 21st centery technologies are important part from each person life, thats why they reacts when we want to choose the best hotel. Connect your MY-DOX Hotel management system to your services and also services that are offered by your partnes, such as POS systems, internet, TV and etc.

Flexible payments

We know how important is the quality of service and offered conviniences for the success of one hotel. Strict financial control is absolutely neccessary to manage to succeed in your business! MY-DOX gives it all in order you to succeed. The software is absolutely flexible in operations, has all the types of documents you will need to optimize the process of payments, includes variaty of currencies and manage to track each deposit in real time. Detailed references and revenue for your expensess, payments, profitability and invoices. You have granted access and it depends on you who also will have, for example your staff. Also you can generate references with the corrections made in time, the reason and who did them.


With MY-DOX is easy to specify different price lists, discounts and etc. The software fully automatic calculates the prices when you make new reservation. Manipulate the access for price list corrections by groups for more safety.


You need to have a real idea over your hotels work. This will helps avoiding sales decrease. MY-DOX is smart software and manage to track your business in real time. You also can track the operations that your staff, partners and suppliers do. Also you can track the money you owe to your suppliers, each payment you have done and the money your clients owe to you.

Online reservations

Trough MY-DOX you can easy add, edit and cancellate reservations.

Other features

  • Transfer one or more reservations from hotel to hotel
  • Transfer from one room to another
  • Available rooms statistics

Everything in one place

As a succeed manager, you need to manage and keep the balance between traditional and online reservations and in the same time increase the busyness. Here comes MY-DOX with its reliable system with which you can realize plenty of orders and reservations from more than one channels and suppliers. MY-DOX has channel manager which makes it easy to sell in prices defined for your pre-defined channel or supplier you use.

Unlimited users

No matter the filed of work of the business is important to make new clients and also to maintenance the good relationship with old and permament clients and also co-operative partners and agents. User profiles provides valueble information on time. Because of common database, the staff that communicate with the client can view his profile in any time and provides the needed services. Fast servicing and preferentially attitude are always valued. As well as clients profiles provides information that helps you to know your clients better, to analyze his behavior and to be maximum efficient in your marketing campaigns.

Клиентска лоялност

Regulars are common to seek for additional bonuses included in their reservations which are provided by the hotel. The key for this clients is the software for clients loyalty with which analyses you can engage them more time per year and make them your most common guests. MY-DOX provides very flexible operations with individual discounts. Services and rooms with individual discounts depends on you.

Restaurant and store management system

Using the software is absolutely easy and comfortable, even waiter with minimum technical knowledge can use it. Our software meets the requirements of each place in your hotel, included room service. MY-DOX makes the communication and synchronization going easier then ever. MY-DOX is connected to the hotel software and thats way everything that the guest consume is charged in his account.

MY-DOX is compatible with:
  • Fiscal devices
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Card readers
  • Touch screen monitors and etc.

Store availability

Our storage program makes the coordination easier and improves your work even more. Options to track the quantities in real time, to define when to load new stock. Some products sell faster so you can set minimum qty. limit. If some of your products has low qty. the program itself will inform you on time. MY-DOX has wide variety of references which helps to optimize your expensess better. The program show which are most sold and etc.

Staff access

Trough human resource management you recieve detail analysis for your workers. When and how long your workers have been working and exact time that he have worked on specific project/assignment. There are plenty of features to use in order to make the process of workers managing a lot easier.


Partners includes your workers, suppliers and clients.
Orders to your suppliers are very easy to be generated. You can do different operations to them:
  • documents, stock, clients, suppliers or company trasnfer
  • files export (Excel, jpeg)
  • guest emails sending
  • sending messages or private chat(encrypted or decrypted)
  • sending greetings
When something in our system is crypted even our programmers can't see the information without the unique private key that only you have!

Documents creation

With MY-DOX you easy create any type of ducment needed for hotel business!

  • Invoice - MY-DOX has pre-defined templates with which you can easy create invoices to your salles.
  • Contracts - MY-DOX has pre-defined templates with which you can easy create contracts to your partners.
  • Expenses - MY-DOX has pre-defined templates with which you can easy create expense documents.

Your references

To have clear view over the work of your hotel, you need tested system for tracking and analysis. MY-DOX provides wide range of filters with which you can filter the information you seek


My-dox has integrated CRM system. To reach max sales you need an effective communication and responsiveness.

  • Export/transfer
    • My-dox supports related documents ( for example: to contract can be related protocols, offers, invoices and other documents) to specific projec
    • You can export documents to Microsoft Excel and pictures
    • You can transfer documents and all the stock in it to other commercial accounts in the system
  • Make your clients feel special with ours:
    • Templates for events and holidays
    • Greeting cards – for Christmas and New Year’s holidays, birthdays and Name days
    • Notification for upcoming promotions, discounts, etc.
    • Messages/templates for the last added documents
  • Encrypt
    • Trough yours unique certificate and signature signed by My-dox certificate you are able to crypt your documents, To do list and To do Notes. The only one who can decrypt the encrypted documents, notes and messages would be you and the people who has authorization. By the encryption you will be able to hide your files, messages and notes from outsiders.
  • The encrypt can happen in two ways:
    • With certificate
    • With finger print which is additional option


MY-DOX Hotel Management is a cloud system which provides quick reservations with clear rate and availability monitors and minimum initial reservation details required. Confirmation emails are sent with a click and online payment accepted even for bookings made over phone, tablets and etc.


Booking groups of travellers is easier than ever, whether organized TA tourists, independent parties, or special occasions or events. Reservations are added or taken out of a group with a few clicks and all routine operations are performed en masse with the special mass functions. Group folios allow routing of charges and checking out with delayed payment.

Guarantees and Deposits

Booking deposits and guarantees are handled easily through straightforward procedures. Advanced payments can be accepted through certified portals (own certificate signed by MY-DOX) or secure card payments and used to cover charges at the hotel. Deposit pro-formas and invoices are issued with a couple of clicks. Special reports give detailed information on guaranteed bookings, deposit payments, and documents.

Self check-in and Room assignment

As one of its main goals MY-DOX Hotel Management provides the tools for time- and cost-efficient front desk. Routine operations, like room assignment and check-in, can be automated for speedier booking, or done manually for customized service. Efficiency also defines the e-signed registration cards, which in the case of groups can be printed out in batches.


The housekeeping status of each room can be tracked in the special Housekeeping report. MY-DOX Hotel Management being a mobile system, housekeeping staff can change this status on the go, as soon as a room is cleaned or inspected. The Housekeeping live monitor reflects every change in real time, so Reception is always up-to-date on the readiness of the rooms.

Cloud and mobile services

MY-DOX Hotel Management is a cloud software, which makes it easily accessible from any place: office or home, a hotel or a cafe, even while you are on the road. All you need is a PC, tablet, iPad, laptop, smartphone, iPhone or any other device with a broadband or 3G/4G(LTE) internet connection and a browser.

PCI compatible credit and debit card processing

MY-DOX Hotel Management is a PCI DSS compliant online software. It provides secure environment for credit card payments of bookings, whether online through PayPal, over the phone through, or on the spot with a POS terminal.

Revenue management

Attracting as many guests as possible to your hotel gets harder and trickier with each season. MY-DOX Hotel management is the software that gives you the revenue optimization tools you need. Its advanced rate management module lets you maximize your sales and make sure your services are enjoyed by an ever growing number of leisure and corporate travellers.

Web booking services

The web booking engine by MY-DOX is integrated into the website of your hotel and brings direct online booking free of commission. A number of predefined themes and other customization options allow for a seamless blending into your web style. In addition to that, there is the Facebook booking app that allows your followers to book directly through your FB page.

Secure online payments & Booking guarantee

Direct bookings received through your website or FB page can be guaranteed securely online with PCI DSS compliant credit card payments or via certified payment portals.

Online gift-voucher shop

The online gift voucher shop is embedded in your hotel website and helps you upsell accommodation, extra services, restaurant meals, etc. Gift vouchers can be customized to carry personal messages, delivery options and expiry dates. They can also be used as payment methods and their consumption is easily tracked with detailed reports.

Representative Live Demo

The demo page of the web reservation system demonstrates how it looks like from your customers' point of view. It offers a short overview of the different elements on the screen and allows free tries.

Channel Manager

The channel manager manages your day-to-day dealings with OTAs. It automates routine operations like synchronisation of availability & rates and distributes data updates instantly with each new booking, cancellation, or rate change. Setting it to use the entire functionality of the powerful rate system of MY-DOX, you avoid overbooking without missing sales opportunities.

Self check-in

This digital guest self service option allows guests to check in in advance. Automated email messages can be used to invite them to fill in and sign their registration cards online, before they arrive at the hotel.

Digital room service

During their stay at the hotel guests benefit from your full restaurant menu through the digital room service. Food is selected from your eMenu, orders are made through a tablet, iPhone, or another smart device and sent to the kitchen automatically. Room service bills are paid on mobile POS terminals or charged to the room folio.

Select Special Requirements, rooms & etc.

When guests book with you, they get access to the digital guest portal. There they can let you know about any special requirement they have about their stay or or select the room they want to use. All requests appear on your desktop, where you can handle them easily.

Self Checkout & Booking Guarantee

The guest self service portal can also be used as point of secure online payment throughout the entire journey of your guests. When they book, they can log in and pay the guarantee for their reservation. When they are leaving the hotel, they can check and pay their bill, too, and even download their invoice.

Self Service Portal Styling & Customization

The guest self-service portal can be customised to match the colours of your website or overall corporate style. All messages, descriptions, titles, texts, and buttons can be translated to any language so you can ‘talk’ to your guests in their tongue.

Guest mailer

With a modern hotel system like MY-DOX Hotel Management, you can start engaging your guests right from the moment of booking. Design your stylish marketing emails and create a sending schedule if you want them to be sent automatically. Promote services, remind of pending guarantee deposits, send interesting information about your property or town - again, from your hotel management software.

Shared Company Profiles and Guests

Guest profiles in MY-DOX are shared between all properties in a group. This accessible guest booking history, preferences and personal details provide for quick and personalised service to returning guests, regardless of the hotel they are currently staying at. Company profiles are shared, too, and allow consistency of business conditions and consolidated reporting through the organization.